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Eric Adams

Senior Lecturer, Senior Research Engineer, Director of M.Eng. Program

Room 48-216-B
15 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA, 02139

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Telephone: 617.253.6595 Email: eeadams@mit.edu Assistant: Lauren McLean / laurenm@mit.edu


  • B.S. 1970, Harvey Mudd College
  • S.M. 1972, MIT
  • Ph.D. 1975, MIT

Curriculum vita

Research Interests

Dr. Adams’ areas of interest are environmental fluid mechanics, physical and mathematical modeling of pollutant transport and mixing, and the design and environmental evaluation of effluent disposal systems. His recent work has focused on multi-phase plumes with applications to ocean carbon sequestration, the fate of deep sea oil spills, and dredged material disposal.

Teaching Interests

Director, Civil and Environmental Engineering Master’s of Engineering (MEng) Program

MEng Courses:

  • Concepts of Engineering Practice
  • Water Quality Control
  • Design for Sustainability

Selected Publications

  1. P. Israelsson, Y.D. Kim and E. Adams, 2006, “A comparison of three Lagrangian schemes for surface water transport.” Environmental Modeling & Software 21(12): 1631-1649.
  2. S.Socolofsky, E. Adams. 2002. “Multi-phase plumes in uniform and stratified crossflow.” J. Hydraulic Research, 40(6):661-672.
  3. Hilton, D.McGillivary, E. Adams, 1998. “The residence time of freshwater in Boston's Inner Harbor.” J. Waterway, Port, Coastal & Ocean Engineering, 124(2): 82-89.
  4. E. Adams, K. Stolzenbach, J.Lee, J. Caroli, D. Funk, 1998. “Deposition of contaminated sediments in Boston Harbor studied using fluorescent dye and particle tracers.”  Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 46:371-382.

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