Student Profile: Pierre Fuller S.M. 2009

Pierre Fuller
S.M. 2009, CEE Doctoral Student

In 2001, 18-year-old Pierre Fuller of Flint, Mich., followed his long-held dream of becoming an architect by enrolling in the architecture program at Michigan’s Lawrence Technological University. He ended up getting two degrees — architecture and civil engineering — and graduating magna cum laude. Then, inspired by research he did while working at an engineering firm during college, his interests turned to building-information modeling technology and graduate school at MIT. He’s considering going to law school after he gets his Ph.D. This winter, Fuller, now 27, was one of two students invited to give a talk at MIT’s 37th Martin Luther King Jr. celebration.

What was the topic of your speech at MIT’s MLK celebration?
Fuller: I based it on the biblical story of Nehemiah, who enlisted the help of an entire community to rebuild a protective wall around the city by getting each family to rebuild the wall in front of their home. As in the story of Nehemiah, I attribute my success of getting to where I am now to the collective influence of my mother, who was a single mother; my barber S