Program Areas for M.S.T. Students


Air Transportation:
16.71J The Airline Industry (1.232,15.054,ESD.217)
16.72 Air Traffic Control
16.75J Airline Management (1.234)
16.763J Air Transportation Operations Research (1.233J)
16.781J Planning and Design of Airport Systems (1.231, ESD.224)
Analysis and Planning Methods:
1.202J Demand Modeling (ESD.212)
1.203J Logistical & Transportation Planning Methods (6.281, 15.073, 16.76, ESD.216)
1.205J Advanced Demand Modeling (ESD.213)
Data Sciences for Transportation
1.204 Computer Modeling: From Human Mobility to Transportation Networks
6.268 (T) Network Science and Models
11.205 Introduction to Spatial Analysis
15.060 Data, Models, and Decisions
15.077J Statistical Learning and Data Mining
15.082 Network Optimization (6.855, ESD.78)
Intelligent Transportation Systems, Safety and Security
1.208 Resilient Infrastructure Networks
6.805J Foundations of Information Policy
16.413 (T) Principles of Autonomy and Decision Making
16.422J (T) Human Supervisory Control of Automated Systems
ESD.863J System Safety Concepts
16.412 (T) Cognitive Robotics
16.413 (T) Principles of Autonomy and Decision Making
Logistics and Supply Chain Management:
1.203J Logistical & Transportation Planning Methods (6.281, 15.073, 16.76, ESD.216)
1.260J Logistics Systems (15.770, ESD.260)
1.261J Case Studies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (15.771, ESD.261)
1.265J International Supply Chain Management (2.965J, 15.765, ESD.265)
1.270J Logistics and Supply Chain Management (ESD.273)
ESD.266 Freight Transportation
Transportation Planning, Policy and Sustainability
1.253J Transportation Policy and Environmental Limits (11.543, ESD.222)
1.817 Planning, Participation and Consensus Building for Sustainable Development
2.65J (T) Sustainable Energy
11.478 (P) Behavior and Policy: Connections in Transportation
11.527 Advanced Seminar in Transportation Finance
ESD.132J Law, Technology, and Public Policy (15.655)
ESD.133J Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics: Pollution Prevention and Control (1.811, 11.630)
HUT 251 (P) Transportation Policy and Planning (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard)
Urban Transportation:
1.251J (P) Comparative Land Use and Transportation Planning (11.526J)
1.252J (P) Urban Transportation Planning (11.540, ESD.225)
1.254 Transport Modeling Course
1.258J Public Transportation Systems (11.541, ESD.226)
1.283J (P) Cities and Regions: Urban Economics and Public Policy (11.410, 14.573, ESD.191)
11.S956 (P) Mobility Management in China: Transportation Research Seminar

(T) – Indicates subject satisfies Technology requirement
(P) – Indicates subject satisfies Policy requirement