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2014: Stories From the Swamp

Doctoral student Alison Hoyt is in the peat forests of Borneo studying the hydrological and carbon cycles to determine if, over time, these forests serve as net carbon sinks or sources.

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2014: Uganda Flood Early Warning System

Three M.Eng students are in Uganda conducting fieldwork for the development of an early warning system for floods in the Manafwa River Basin.

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2013: Ryan Westrom Reporting From TRB in Washington

Hundreds of MIT students, faculty and alumni attend the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting (TRB) in Washington, D.C. to present research, learn what’s new in transportation, and network.

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TREX 2013: Chasing the Plume of Volcano Kilauea

Undergrads are doing fieldwork on Hawaii, chasing the volcanic smog emitted by Kilauea to determine its chemical composition and how that changes as it is blown around the island.
(Photo / C. Heliker, USGS)

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2013: Studying the Groundwater of the Sparta Aquifer in Arkansas

Two M.Eng students will study the Sparta aquifer in Arkansas to see if surface water can be added to the groundwater to augment water table levels without lowering water quality.

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2013: Flood Warning System for the Manafwa River Basin

Three M.Eng students will create a hydrological model of the Manafwa River basin, Uganda, as the first step in preparing an early warning flood system for the region.

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2013: High-Performance Structures and Geotech Tour

M.Eng. Structural and Geotechnical Engineering students travel to New York City late January to see exceptional examples of buildings, tunnels and other structures.

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2012: The Eno Leadership Development Conference

Graduate student Naomi Stein will represent MIT at this annual event for young transportation professionals who gather in Washington, D.C. for an introduction to transportation policy.

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2012: Engineers Without Borders-MIT

Engineers Without Borders is an international organization linking engineers with communities in need. Three CEE students blog about their work in Ddegeya, Uganda.

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2012: TREX on the Active Hawaiian Volcano, Kilauea

Fourteen undergrads and seven advisors will spend two weeks on the big island of Hawaii studying the active volcano Kilauea January 16-30, and cloud-fed bogs in a state park the next week.

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