Master of Science in Transportation

An Interdepartmental Program

The interdepartmental Master of Science in Transportation (M.S.T.) degree program emphasizes the complexity of transportation and its dependence on the interaction of technology, operations, planning, management and policy-making. For this reason, the Master of Science in Transportation program is interdepartmental. Faculty members and research staff from several centers, departments and divisions within MIT are affiliated with the program and serve as research advisors and mentors to M.S.T. students.

The M.S.T. degree program examines all major forms of transportation, including passenger and freight systems, as well as the increasing demand for transportation systems at the local, regional and international levels.

With more than seven billion people inhabiting the world, there is enormous stress on existing air, rail and highway transportation systems and the need for new ways to plan, manage and engineer the systems of the future is clear. The M.S.T. degree program addresses that need. Research is at the heart of the program-faculty members and students work closely together to examine the complex issues that arise within and between transportation systems.

More than half of M.S.T. graduates go on to earn another graduate degree. The majority of those enroll in Ph.D. programs, although some continue their studies in other fields, such as business or law.  Most M.S.T. alumni work in management positions within the transportation industry.

Links to Representative Research Projects

To read about representative transportation research projects at MIT, please visit the pages below on this website, or see videos of presentations by MIT transportation researchers at the MIT World site.

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