Prospective Graduate Students

Graduate students in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT are central to our research and educational enterprise. They make a lasting impact in the world, as they launch careers in academia and industry, or become entrepreneurs.  Enabled by a stimulating academic environment that promotes collaboration, exploration and interdisciplinary research across MIT, our graduate students seek to understand the world, invent, and lead with creative design. 

The intellectual focus of Civil and Environmental Engineering is discovery and innovation to sustain life and society in changing conditions, tackling some of the most urgent challenges of our time.  We develop and apply pioneering approaches that range from basic scientific principles to complex engineering design, at scales from the nano to the global.  Our department features two centers of gravity: infrastructure (broadly, what is created by human activity) and environment (broadly, what exists as natural systems). We seek a diverse group of applicants from a range of academic disciplines, who work together to contribute to exciting intellectual networks across the department and MIT. 

Our graduate programs include three core graduate degree tracks (each including a thesis research project):

  • 9 month, practice-orientated Master’s program (M.Eng.)
  • Master of Science in Transportation (M.S.T.)
  • S.M. and Ph.D.  programs in the following areas: Environmental Chemistry, Microbiology, Fluid Mechanics, Hydrology, Hydroclimatology, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering and Material Scienc