Lecturers - Peter Shanahan

Peter Shanahan's photo

Peter Shanahan

Senior Lecturer

Room 1-278
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA, 02139

Telephone: 617.253.8669 Email: peteshan@mit.edu


  • S.B. Civil Engineering 1973, MIT
  • S.B. Earth & Planetary Sciences 1973, MIT
  • M.S. 1974, Stanford University
  • Ph.D. 1982, MIT

Research Interests

  • Water quality
  • Pollutant transport
  • Water-quality management
  • Water-quality modeling
  • Hazardous waste site investigation and remediation

Teaching Interests

Selected Publications

  1. Anderson, P.D., V.J. D’Aco, P. Shanahan, S.C. Chapra, M.E. Buzby, V.L. Cunningham, E.P. Hayes, B.M. DuPlessie, F. Mastrocco, N.J. Parke, J.C. Rader, J.H. Samuelian, and B.W. Schwab. “Screening Analysis of Human Pharmaceutical Compounds in U.S. Surface Waters.”  Environmental Science & Technology.  Vol. 38, No. 3, Pp. 838-849, February 01, 2004.
  2. Oates, P.M., P. Shanahan, and M.F. Polz, “Solar Disinfection (SODIS) for Point-of-Use Water Treatment in Haiti and Simulation of Solar Radiation Global for Global SODIS Assessment,” Water Research, Volume 37, No. 1, pages 47-54, January 2003.
  3. Reichert, P., D. Borchardt, M. Henze, W. Rauch, P. Shanahan, L. Somlyódy, and P. Vanrolleghem, River Water Quality Model No. 1.  Scientific and Technical Report No. 12. IWA Publishing, London, England.  2001.
  4. Shanahan, P., and S.C. Gaudet, Chapter 1, Section 5B, “Mixing and Transport of Pollutants in Surface Water” in J. Lehr, editor, Standard Handbook of Environmental Science, Health and Technology, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 2000.
  5. Somlyódy, L., and P. Shanahan, Municipal Wastewater Treatment in Central and Eastern Europe; Present Situation and Cost-Effective Development Strategies. The World Bank, Washington, D.C. 1998.
  6. Shanahan, P., and L. Somlyódy, “Modeling the Impacts of Diffuse Pollution on Receiving Water Quality” in V. Novotny, editor, Nonpoint Pollution and Urban Stormwater Management, Water Quality Management Library, Volume 9. Technomic Publishing Company, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1995.
  7. Shanahan, P., “A Water-Quality History of the Blackstone River, Massachusetts, USA:  Implications for Central and Eastern European Rivers,” Water Science and Technology, Volume 30, Number 5, pages 59-68, 1994.