Current Undergraduate Courses

Spring 2015 Courses

1.00   Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving
1.007   Data Analytics: Engineering for Environment and Sustainable Cities
1.011   Project Evaluation and Management
1.013   Senior Civil and Environmental Engineering Design
1.015J   Design of Electromechanical Robotic Systems
1.016   Design for Complex Environmental Issues: Building Solutions and Communicating Ideas
1.020   Principles of Energy and Water Sustainability
1.022   Urban Networks
1.036   Structural and Geotechnical Engineering Design
1.040   Project Management
1.041J   Transportation Systems Modeling
1.053J   Dynamics and Control I
1.056J Building Structural Systems I
1.060A   Fluid Mechanics I
1.060B   Fluid Mechanics II
1.068 Nonlinear Dynamics and Turbulence
1.073   Introduction to Environmental Data Analysis
1.074 Multivariate Data Analysis
1.080A   Environmental Chemistry I
1.080B Environmental Chemistry II
1.081J   Environmental Cancer Risks, Prevention, and Therapy
1.083A   Environmental Health Engineering and Biology I
1.083B Environmental Health Engineering and Biol