Special Programs

Civil and Environmental Engineering has a global reach, from malaria prevention in Niger to water treatment in Nepal to transportation in Boston and Bangkok. Our students learn firsthand by working onsite in summer internships and during school breaks. Student projects, internships and Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) projects complement faculty research and provide context for classroom studies.

For example, CEE undergraduates learn about flooding and water quality problems in New Orleans, they work as summer interns locally or perhaps in Singapore as part of the Center for Environmental Sensing and Modeling project. Course 1 students can also participate in the Cambridge-MIT Exchange and obtain a portion of their undergraduate education in England.

Traveling Research Environmental eXperiences (TREX) is a six-credit field research course offered during Independent Activities Period by CEE to students majoring in Civil or Environmental Engineering Science. TREX (Course 1.992) provides CEE undergraduates with the opportunity to gain hands-on fieldwork and research experience in a global context.

During 2007,  2008 and 2009, CEE students formed teams to compete in the National Student Steel Bridge Competition, sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Institute of Steel Construction. Course 1 now offers course credit for this activity.