Faculty - Daniele Veneziano

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Daniele Veneziano


Head of the CEE Materials, Infrastructure and Systems Group (Pierce Laboratory)

Room 1-348
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA, 02139

Telephone: 617.253.7199 Email: venezian@mit.edu Assistant: Jeanette Marchocki / jmmarch@mit.edu


  • Laurea in Architecture 1970, University of Florence, Italy
  • Ph.D. in Civil Engineering 1974, MIT

Research Interests

  • Natural Hazards
  • Risk Assessment for Engineering Systems
  • Stochastic Hydrology and Geomorphology
  • Scale-Invariant Phenomena

Teaching Interests

  • Probability and Statistics in Engineering
  • Risk Analysis

Selected Publications

  1. D. Veneziano, R. L. Bras, and J. D. Niemann, "Nonlinearity and Self-similarityof Rainfall in Time and a Stochastic Model," J. Geophys. Res. -Atmospheres, 101(D21): 26,371-26,392, 1996.
  2. D. Veneziano and P. Villani, "Identification of Rain Cells fromRadar and Stochastic Modelling of Space-time Rainfall," Meccanica,31: 27-42, 1996.
  3. D. Veneziano, and J. Van Dyck, "Risk Analyes for the Messina Bridge,"in Bridge Aerodynamics, Larsen and Esdahl (eds.), Balkema, 1998.
  4. D. Veneziano and A. G. Papadimitriou, "Optimization of the SeismicEarly Warning System for the Tohoku Shinkansen," Proceedings, 11thEuropean Conf. On Earthquake Engineering, Balkema, Rotterdam, 1998.
  5. D. Veneziano and V. Iacobellis, "Self-similarity and Multifractalityof Topographic Surfaces at Basin and Sub-basin Scales," J. Geophys.Res., 104(B6): 12,797-12,812, 1999.
  6. D, Veneziano and P. Villani, "Best Linear Unbiased Hyetograph."Water Resour. Res., 35(9): 2725-2738, 1999.
  7. D. Veneziano, "Basic Properties and Characterization of StochasticallySelf-similar Processes in Rd," Fractals, 7(1): 59-78, 1999.
  8. D. Veneziano and P. Furcolo, "A Modified Do