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2012 News in Brief



Researchers synthesize a new kind of silk fiber

Pound for pound, spider silk is one of the strongest materials known: Research by CEE’s Markus Buehler has helped explain that this strength arises from silk’s unusual hierarchical arrangement of protein building blocks. Now Buehler — […]

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Jerome Connor’s sixth textbook is published

In late September, Professor Jerome Connor’s latest book was published, this one written with co-author Susan Faraji of University of Massachusetts Lowell. Fundamentals of Structural Engineering (Springer, 2013) is the sixth book Connor has authored or […]

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Carbon dioxide makes ice crystals more apt to fracture

New research by Professor Markus Buehler and doctoral student Zhao Qin on the fracture mechanism of ice shows that ice cracks more easily when exposed to carbon dioxide. Using a series of atomistic-level computer simulations to analyze the dynamics of molecules, they found that carbon dioxide forms […]

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Murcott produces compendium of arsenic contamination

Senior lecturer Susan Murcott‘s new book, Arsenic Contamination in the World: An International Sourcebook (IWA Publishing, 2012), details arsenic contamination by source and region in 105 countries and territories, representing a larger database than any previously published work. Murcott’s research […]

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Strategic report describes CEE’s six research domains

Through a strategic planning process, CEE’s faculty has identified six overlapping, cross-disciplinary areas that support the department’s mission and frame the major directions for future research: Smarter Cities, Ecosystems, Coastal Zone, Water and Energy Resources, Chemicals […]

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Postdocs win awards for work in microbial ecology

Two postdoctoral researchers in Professor Roman Stocker’s research group received awards Aug. 24 at the International Symposium on Microbial Ecology in Copenhagen. Yutaka Yawata won the Brock Postdoctoral Research Award for his talk, “Mapping Genotypic Diversity Onto […]

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Osorio receives operations research award for her dissertation

In July, Professor Carolina Osorio received the prestigious Association of European Operational Research Societies (EURO) Doctoral Dissertation Award for her thesis, “Mitigating Network Congestion: Analytical Models, Optimization Methods and Their Applications.” The award recognizes the best thesis from the […]

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