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2012 News in Brief



CEE researchers interviewed on Voice of Russia radio program

An English-language interview with David Spivak, a postdoctoral associate in mathematics, and CEE Professor Markus J. Buehler and graduate student Tristan Giesa by the Voice of Russia radio program explores the MIT researchers’ work using mathematical ologs to compare […]

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Explaining a spider web’s strength

The silk that spiders use to build their webs, trap their prey and dangle from your ceiling is one of the strongest materials known. But it turns out it’s not simply the material’s exceptional strength that […]

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Viruses con bacteria into working for them

CEE researchers Professor Sallie (Penny) Chisholm and postdoctoral associate Qinglu Zeng have discovered that certain photosynthetic ocean bacteria need to beware of viruses bearing gifts. These viruses are really con artists carrying genetic material taken from […]

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Grad student Kevin Muhs blogs from TRB

Graduate student Kevin Muhs will attend The Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting (known as TRB) in Washington, D.C., along with many other CEE graduate students, faculty and lecturers and about 10,000 other people from around the […]

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Senior Scott Landers wins scholarship

Senior Scott Landers (1E) has been awarded scholarships from the Rhode Island Consulting Engineers (RICE) and the New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA). RICE is a nonprofit professional organization representing independent consulting engineering firms. RICE awards […]

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