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2014 News in Brief



Graphene Wrinkles Not a Problem

Graphene’s exceptional mechanical and electronic properties make it a perfect candidate for applications such as flexible electronics and supercapacitors for energy storage, but its single-atom thickness also means it wrinkles easily, which could affect its ability […]

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Hungarian TV Interviews Marta Gonzalez

The Spektrum TV channel in Hungary recently interviewed Professor Marta Gonzalez for a documentary about Albert-Laszlo Barabasi’s book, Bursts: The Hidden Patterns Behind Everything We do, from your E-mail to Bloody Crusades. For the segment about […]

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Freshman Discover Course 1

At freshman pre-orientation(FPOP)in August, Course 1 hosted a group of 20 new students interested in the department. Led by undergraduates Beth Garcia and Julia Hogroian and assisted by several excellent undergraduate mentors, the week’s activities blended […]

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Marta Gonzalez Presents Papers on Urban Social Networks

Professor Marta Gonzalez recently spoke in Lucca, Italy in conjunction with ECCS ’14 (the European Conference on Complex Systems), a major international gathering devoted to complex systems and interdisciplinary science. She presented two papers on the […]

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Get Involved – CleanEarthHack

At MIT, hackathons – the idea of bringing people in with a myriad of backgrounds and expertise together to creatively solve problems and innovate – is implicit in our culture as an institution. Sustainability and environmental […]

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How to Hide Like an Octopus

Cephalopods such as octopuses and squid can quickly change both the color and texture of their skin to blend into their surroundings, a capability that engineers have long struggled to duplicate in synthetic materials. In a […]

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Innovation@ONE Boot Camp

On August 2, CEE’s Innovation@ONE Boot Camp and Business Plan Pitch Breakfast brought together eight teams of students and postdocs who presented business ideas to a panel of successful entrepreneurs. The new company concepts ranged from […]

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Zhao Appointed as Joint Faculty in CEE

Professor Xuanhe Zhao now holds a joint appointment with CEE and Mechanical Engineering, where he is advancing fundamental knowledge of interfaces between solid mechanics, soft materials, and bioinspired design. His research goals include understanding and designing […]

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Professional Development for Postdocs

During National Postdoc Appreciation Week in September, about 30 CEE postdoctoral scholars representing different research areas gathered for lunch and were greeted by Department head Markus Buehler. Professor John Williams and research scientist Abel Sanchez PhD […]

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