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2014 News in Brief



Ulm Elected to European Academy

The European Academy of Sciences and Arts has elected Professor Franz-Josef Ulm as an active member in the Technical and Environmental Sciences section. Ulm, who is the faculty director of the Concrete Sustainability Hub, describes his […]

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East Campus’s Giant Roller Coaster Wows Freshmen

To showcase their community during Freshman Orientation, East Campus residents led by juniors Wesley Lau and Ben Katz (Mechanical Engineering) created a 146-foot-long wooden roller coaster in their courtyard. The thrilling 30-second ride plunged from a […]

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Exploring Elusive Details in Ocean Microbiome

Professors Edward DeLong, Penny (Sallie) Chisholm and Mick Follows are among the eight founders of the Simons Foundation’s new Simons Collaboration on Ocean Processes and Ecology (SCOPE), a five-year program centered at the University of Hawaii […]

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Corals Actively Alter their Environment in Unexpected Ways

Contrary to the traditional view that corals passively depend on ocean currents to deliver sustenance, Professor Roman Stocker and colleagues discovered that the organisms actually engineer their environment to sweep water into turbulent patterns and greatly […]

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Guarding Against Malicious Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

The MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) “Institute Insider” profile series recently featured Professor Saurabh Amin, head of the Resilient Infrastructure Networks Lab. Considering the potentially catastrophic impacts of malicious attacks on the IT networks controlling critical […]

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Art and Science of Spider Webs

In an evening event on Sept. 25 at the MIT Museum, Professor Markus Buehler and visiting artist Tomás Saraceno will discuss their work on materials and structures inspired by the intricate geometry of spider webs. Buehler […]

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CEE Faculty appointed to Named Professorships

Professor Pedro Reis, who works on deriving function from mechanical instabilities of slender structures, has been awarded the Gilbert W. Winslow Career Development Professorship. A specialist in the interactions of global atmospheric composition and chemistry with […]

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What’s Going On in Your Gut?

Nobody really knows how the trillions of bacteria living in each person’s digestive tract affect human health. As described recently in the journal Genome Biology, Professor Eric Alm and colleagues charted fluctuations in bacterial populations in […]

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Learning how bonded materials fall apart

Although materials that are firmly bonded together with epoxy and other adhesives are ubiquitous in modern life, from dental crowns to reinforced concrete, it is remarkably difficult to study. Now, a paper in the journal Proceedings […]

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