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2014 News in Brief



Basic research uncovers the ‘invisible pasture of the sea’

PBS NewsHour reporter Rebecca Jacobson spent an afternoon in Professor Sallie (Penny) Chisholm’s laboratory documenting Chisholm’s work with the photosynthetic bacteria Prochloroccocus. The phytoplankton, discovered by Chisholm and colleagues in 1985, provides an estimated 5-10 percent […]

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CEE students model the world and invent the future

Today, computer algorithms control every major city infrastructure. Computer models that simulate present and future cyber and physical systems are critical in enabling research breakthroughs. They provide tools to design and test future human-made infrastructure and […]

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CEE Research Speed Dating app identifies new synergies

The annual CEE Research Speed Dating event, held Feb. 7 this year, is designed to expedite the process of creating research “matches” among scientists and engineers from multiple disciplines by offering four-minute sound-bite talks followed by […]

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