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2016 News in Brief



IJAM Paper receives accolades

Research Scientist Zhao Qin and McAfee Professor of Engineering and Department Head Markus Buehler received a Most Cited Paper Award for their co-authored paper, “Robustness-Strength Performance of Hierarchical Alpha-Helical Protein Filaments” published in the International Journal […]

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How to make cities more efficient

New research shows how to identify buildings where retrofitting for energy efficiency will have the biggest impact on a city’s overall greenhouse gas emissions. The findings, which require only minimal information about the buildings and their […]

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Professor Kausel publishes biomechanics paper

Professor Kausel recently published his first biomechanics paper in Stem Cell Reports: “Integrated Analysis of Contractile Kinetics, Force Generation, and Electrical Activity in Single Human Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes.” The paper measures and predicts how strongly cardiomyocytes […]

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