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ONE-MA3 2018



ONE-MA3 2018: Exploring Ninfa

By Sophie Cohen ’21 Today we began by touring the Ninfa Gardens, which was built on a medieval city that was destroyed in 1382. Our guide explained how the city of Ninfa was a linking point […]

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ONE-MA3 2018: Adventuring with Area.3 

By Sophie Cohen ’21 Today it seemed as if we were adopted by an extended Italian family – the family who operates the Gruppo Canoisti Pontini, aka Area.3, in Sermoneta. They took us trekking up to […]

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ONE-MA3 2018: A Day in Priverno

By Sophie Cohen ’21 A metal triangle hangs on the side of the Caetani Castle’s kitchen exterior, and the chefs’ children hit it with a hammer to signal meal times. This is how our day began, […]

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