ONE-MA3: Analyzing Ancient Aqueducts

By Rovi Porter '22 The central focus of the day was learning about Aqueducts (a structure that the Romans built to transport water by using gravity). Yesterday at the American Academy in Rome, we had a preview of an aqueduct when we climbed down into one underneath the classroom. With that introduction, we were primed [...]

ONE-MA3 – Day VIII: Sunday Mass, 3D modeling and Compression Testing

By Sophia Mittman '22 Happy Sunday! Some of us woke up to Sunday Mass at the medieval cathedral of Sermoneta just a five-minute walk away. It was fascinating to arrive at the church early to receive a tour of the church by art restorer, Marco Nicola. He explained so many things within religious art that [...]

Kids Camp Teaches Next-Generation Scientists About the Fun of Experimentation

The third annual Civil and Environmental Engineering Kids Camp provides STEM education to youth In August more than 30 kids took over the halls of MIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) to live up to the MIT ethos of learning by doing as part of CEE’s third annual Kids Camp. Participants aged 3 [...]

The CEE Run Club Attends (and wins!) Cambridge Monster Dash 5K

On Sunday, October 28th, part of the CEE Run Club attended the popular Cambridge Monster Dash, to get a good workout after a hard week of study. A 9am 5K run seemed like a good opportunity to break free from all responsibilities, so that’s what we did! Cruella Devil looking for some Dalmatians in Cambridge! [...]

Silk-based filtration material breaks barriers

When the Chinese first discovered silk, its superior quality and properties were thought so special, it was reserved exclusively for clothing the emperor, his relatives, and dignitaries. And for more than two millennia, the mechanisms of silk production were a highly guarded secret.   Fast forward to today: MIT and Tufts University researchers have discovered [...]

Protecting Guatemala’s Most Vulnerable Children

Juan Jose Hermosilla ’57 has spent his professional career working to keep his native Guatemala safe. Shortly after earning his degree in civil engineering, Hermosilla founded an engineering firm that designed buildings able to withstand earthquakes. In the nearly six decades that followed, Hermosilla designed, built, and performed structural analysis on more than 150 of [...]