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Speaker: Professor Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe Distinguished University Professor, Texas A&M University

Time: 12:00p–1:00p

Location: 48-316

Environmental Sciences Seminar Series
Hosted by: Otto Cordero (ottox@mit.edu) Serguei Saavedra (sersaa@mit.edu)

The temporal dynamics of vegetation biomass is of vital importance for evaluating the sustainability of arid and semi-arid ecosystems. Soil moisture and plant biomass fluctuate stochastically with the occurrence of rainfall events. The coupled dynamics of both processes can be quantified by its analytically derived time dependent probability distribution which allows for the study of the impact of climate change scenarios on vegetation cover and and plant water resource competition. It is found that in a restored desert ecosystem in NW China, the changes in the growing season photosynthetic biomass are expected to be near 25% of the present one.

Open to: the general public

For more information, contact:
Denise Stewart