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Steel bridge team constructs a winner

The Steel Bridge team placed first in construction time and second overall in the regional competition of the ASCE Steel Bridge Competition on Saturday, ensuring the team’s spot at the national competition in May. The team’s […]

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Team probes mysteries of oceanic bacteria

Microbes living in the oceans play a critical role in regulating Earth’s environment, but very little is known about their activities and how they work together to help control natural cycles of water, carbon and energy. […]

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Solar heated water warms a Lesotho school

Amy Mueller and Matt Orosz, graduate students in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, recently designed and installed a solar array used to provide hot water to a girls’ dormitory at a rural school in […]

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Professor Sussman to chair ITS Advisory Committee

On Feb. 15, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration announced the selection of Joseph M. Sussman to chair DOT’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Advisory Committee. Sussman is the JR East Professor in […]

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Protein’s strength lies in H-bond cooperation

By Denise Brehm Civil & Environmental Engineering Researchers in Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT reveal that the strength of a biological material like spider silk lies in the specific geometric configuration of structural proteins, which […]

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Professor Cindy Barnhart named president of INFORMS

The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) announced that Professor Cynthia Barnhart is president of the organization, effective Jan. 1, for a one-year term. Barnhart, a professor of civil and environmental engineering and […]

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