This summer, Professor Admir Masic will be leading a program on Materials in Art, Archaeology and Architecture (ONE-MA3), in which MIT undergraduates will conduct three weeks of fieldwork in Privernum, Pompeii and Turin as a prerequisite for the Fall 2018 MIT course, 1.057 Heritage Science and Technology.  The program will involve real-world analysis of ancient infrastructures and materials and focus on teaching ways to improve sustainability of the future through the study of ancient successes.

Join us for an info session on Tuesday, March 6 at 12 pm in 1-131 to learn more!

ONE-MA3 2018

Criteria: Applicants must be committed to:

1. Applying for UROP funding by Thursday, April 12, 2018


2. Enrolling in 1.057 Heritage Science and Technology in Fall 2018

Process: Fill out the application form, write a one-page statement of interest, and submit your CV and grade report, along with one PPT slide that “introduces” you to the review committee. Submit all documents (form, statement, CV, grades and PPT slide) to the CEE Academic Programs Office at by Monday, March 19, 2018.

Open to all MIT students, with preference will be given to rising sophomores and Course 1 students.

Admission: Decisions about applications for summer research fieldwork will be approved by March 24. Should you be admitted your next step will be to submit a UROP request for direct funding by April 12, with research proposal.

Funding: Support will be provided by CEE and UROP Direct Funding. UROP Direct Funding is available towards hourly research wages ($11.50/hr.) and round-trip airfare, not to exceed a combined total of $5,520 for the summer. Lodging and meals will be provided.

Apply here for ONE-MA3 2018