Franz-Josef Ulm

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Faculty Director, Concrete Sustainability Hub

Research Interests: materials, durability mechanics

Daniele Veneziano

Professor, Emeritus

Research Interests: stochastic modeling

Andrew Whittle

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Edmund K. Turner Professor in Civil Engineering

Research Interests: geotechnical engineering

John R. Williams

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Research Interests: computational methods, IT

Nigel H.M. Wilson

Professor Emeritus

Research Interests: urban transportation systems

Cathy Wu

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Gilbert W. Winslow (1937) Career Development Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor of IDSS

Research Interests: Machine learning, reinforcement learning, Large-scale optimization, Control theory, Multi-agent systems, Societal systems, urban systems, mobility systems, Implications of AI & automation

Xuanhe Zhao

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Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: solid mechanics, soft materials, bioinspired design