Project Description

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David Marks

Goulder Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Systems, Emeritus

Research Interests: sustainable development


Room E19-341N
400 Main Street
Cambridge, MA, 02139

Telephone: 617.253.1992


  • C.E. 1962 Cornell University
  • S. 1964 Cornell University
  • D. 1969 John Hopkins University

Research Interests

Professor Marks’ research focuses on sustainable development, environmental engineering, industrial ecology, and water resource systems. Through his work as director of the Laboratory for Energy and the Environment, he tries to foster collaboration among industry, government, academia, nongovernmental organizations, and the public to address the complex interrelationships between energy and the environment, and the technological, economic, and social aspects of sustainable energy development and use.

Teaching Interests

  • sustainable development
  • environmental engineering
  • industrial ecology
  • water resource systems

Selected Publications

  1. “Evolution of Technology Strategies in Environmental Policy Formulation,”David H. Marks and Deborah L. Thurston, Environmental Technology, Assessmentand Policy, (Eds. Ravi Jain and A. Clark), Ellis Horwood Limited Pub.,l989, March l987.
  2. “New Directions in Engineering Education,” David H. Marks, of International Conference on the Future of Engineering Education,National University of Mexico, School of Engineering Alumni Association,Mexico City, Mexico, January l5-l7, l992.
  3. “The Cost of “Cleanup”: The Role of Technology in Existingand Future Environmental Remediation Problems”, Business and theContemporary World, Vol. VI, No. 2, pgs. 92-95, 1994.
  4. “Performance of Water Distribution Networks: Integrated Approach,Fadi A. Karaa and David H. Marks, Journal of Performance of ConstructedFacilities, Vol. 4, No. l, February l990.