Understand. Invent. Lead.

Grounded in science and engineering, we seek to understand the world, invent, and lead with creative design. Our students define the future.

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Groundbreaking Research

Ecological systems, resources and sustainability, structures and design, urban systems, and global systems. We are working to improve and find solutions to make these aspects of our world better, more sustainable and more beneficial to the human race.

Inspiring Students

Educating our students is our core mission, and students are our inspiration. They come to MIT CEE ready to learn, ready to conduct research and ready to solve the world’s biggest problems. Our students are not only dedicated to their academics, they are involved members of the MIT community. MIT CEE students are world-travelers, researchers, athletes, and more.

World-Class Educators

At MIT CEE, we educate inside and outside the classroom. Our students spend valuable time learning from faculty in lectures, but put their knowledge to real-world use in our laboratories and through undergraduate research opportunities (e.g. UROPs). Our faculty dedicate their careers to education and mentoring, to further the next generation of civil and environmental engineering researchers and professionals.

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Industry Leaders

The MIT CEE community is filled with industry leaders. From our faculty members to our research assistants and our postdocs to our undergraduate students, we are changing the world with our groundbreaking work.