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Undergraduate Student Life

Course 1 students are very engaged beyond the classroom as well, and the department sponsors student groups, activities, and competitions to promote community, foster relationships, and provide opportunities to apply the skills learned to real world problems in a very hands-on way.


The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Student Chapter at MIT, known as CEESA (Civil and Environmental Engineering Student Association), strives to uphold the values of excellence in academic and professional environments. Through service projects, educational programs, and social functions, CEESA aims to foster a vibrant and supportive community that enables every student to reach his or her highest potential. Contact CEESA at:

The CEESA Leadership Team is:

Karen Li | President
Karen is a sophomore in the Systems Engineering track, interested in transportation, supply chain management, and risk modeling. Her favorite Course 1 experiences have been attending the annual CEE Holiday Party, learning to skate at CEE Ice Skating hosted by CEESA, simulating traffic models in Professor Wu’s 1.041 class, and UROPing at the MIT Data Science Lab. Besides CEESA, she is involved in MIT Sandbox, TAMID Business Group, and Christian fellowships on campus. Outside of school, Karen enjoys experimenting with 2-minute recipes, jigsaw puzzling, and traveling.

Grace Harrington | Treasurer
Grace is a senior in the Mechanics and Materials track and is pursuing minors in Energy Studies, with interests in transportation and renewable energy infrastructure. Her favorite experiences in Course 1 so far have included participating in the mini-UROP program and attending the grilled cheese study breaks. Besides CEESA, she is a member of the basketball and lacrosse teams and plays trumpet in Concert Band. Outside of school, Grace enjoys hiking, playing board games, and baking.

Ellie Vaserman | Professional Networking & Faculty Liaison
Ellie is a junior in the Mechanics & Materials track, who is double majoring in Course 1 and Course 3 and is highly interested in concrete mechanics and sustainability. Her favorite Course 1 memories so far have been being a part of the One-MA3 trip to Italy and participating in the Mini-UROP program. Outside of CEESA, Ellie is a co-chair of PLEASURE@MIT, a floor chair for Burton 4, and UROPs with the Masic Lab and the Carstensen Group. Outside of academics, Ellie loves hiking, thrifting, Kraft mac and cheese, and doing crosswords.

Professor Admir Masic | CEESA Faculty Advisor
Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Discover some of the social events organized by CEESA, view photo album

Chi Epsilon

Chi Epsilon (XE)

MIT’s XE chapter aims to be a vibrant group of outstanding scholars who reflect the four pillars of this Civil Engineering society:

  • Scholarship: recognizing excellence and achievement in academic and professional endeavors
  • Character: upholding the integrity and responsibility of the civil engineering profession through our service
  • Practicality: educating and encouraging our members to improve our world through innovative and impactful solutions
  • Sociability: connecting our members while engaging the broader [engineering] community

Through leading civil and environmental engineering related initiatives, our chapter seeks to engage and foster collaborations with the wider academic and non-academic community.  We desire to raise awareness in the MIT community on pressing issues that affect both the built and natural environment, collaborate with other groups on campus to lead joint initiatives, and inform students of conferences, summits, competitions, development programs and research opportunities related to civil and environmental engineering.

The XE Leadership Team:

Joy Domingo-Kameenui | Secretary-Treasurer
Environmental Engineering track; Class of ‘24

Grace Harrington | Marshal
Mechanics and Materials track; Class of ‘24

Karen Li | Editor
Systems Engineering track; Class of ‘24

Runako Gentles | President
Environmental Engineering track; Class of ‘24

Josephine Carstensen | Faculty Advisor
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering