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Hubs & Centers

Learn more about our affiliated research hubs and centers working on sustainability challenges led by CEE faculty.

Center for Transportation & Logistics

The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics is a dynamic solutions-oriented environment where students, faculty, and industry leaders pool their knowledge and experience to advance supply chain education and research.

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Concrete Sustainability Hub (CSHub)

The MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, CSHub, brings together leaders from academia, industry, and government to develop breakthroughs using a holistic approach that will achieve durable and sustainable homes, buildings, and infrastructure in ever more demanding environments.

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Data Science Lab (DSL)

Led by Prof. David Simichi-Levi, the MIT Data Science lab  (DSL) develops analytic techniques and tools for improving decision making in environments that involve uncertainty and require statistical learning. Through the development of algorithms that integrate machine learning and stochastic or deterministic optimization techniques, DSL methods have been implemented by a large number of companies across a variety of industries.
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UMRP (Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique—MIT Research Program)

UMRP is a collaboration between MIT and Morocco’s Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique to pursue the knowledge and expertise critical for a future of sustainable development in Africa. Current projects include; water resource management and climate change, sustainable precision agriculture, industrial optimization and circular economies of scale, green chemistry for high-value extractive resource processing, and urban metabolism as a framework for smart growth.
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Related Centers

Some of our faculty also teach and contribute to research at the following centers and labs across MIT