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Headshot of Jay Matthews

Jay Matthews: Staff Spotlight

Hometown: Vergennes, Vermont Role: Senior Administrative Assistant How long have your worked in CEE? One year Why did you want to work at MIT? Fascination, admiration, and a preexisting sense of community that I should probably […]

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Nikki Burgher in the lab wearing safety glasses.

The toxic chemicals all around us

As part of the MIT Superfund Research Program, Nicolette Bugher is working to expose the poisons lurking in our environment and discover what they mean for human health. Nicolette Bugher has just given up on a […]

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Otto Cordero sits on an outdoor black metal staircase with buildings and car in background.

In search of the principles of life

Associate Professor Otto Cordero is looking for the fundamental constraints that shape microbial ecosystems. MIT Associate Professor Otto Cordero has always gravitated toward the most basic questions of life. How do ecosystems assemble? Why do species […]

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A woman petting a group of kangaroos.

Muchun Liu: Postdoctoral Spotlight

Hometown: Beijing What is your research focus and how does it contribute to the bigger picture (sustainability, climate, human health, etc.)? My research focuses on transforming biopolymers into multifunctional structures for sustainable technologies. Integrating sustainability principles […]

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Headshot photo of African American male wearing a blue plaid shirt standing in front of the MIT great dome with his arms crossed

Transformative is how I would describe it

MIT junior Runako Gentles highlights his undergraduate experience in Course 1 Transformative is one word that I would use to describe my MIT undergraduate experience so far. My career and academic interests have drastically changed from […]

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Headshot of Fabio Castro, wearing a black jacket, plaid shirt, and striped tie

Fabio Castro: Graduate Spotlight

Hometown: Brasília, Brazil Degree Program: Transportation PhD Lab and advisor: Center of Transportation and Logistics (CTL), LIFT Lab, Josué Velázquez How did you first become interested in Civil and Environmental Engineering? During high school physics lab, […]

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Katya Boukin wearing a pink button up shirt

Studying floods to better predict their dangers

A fourth-generation civil engineer, graduate student Katerina Boukin researches the growing yet misunderstood threat of pluvial flooding, including flash floods. “My job is basically flooding Cambridge,” says Katerina “Katya” Boukin, a graduate student in civil and environmental […]

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Headshot of Bensu Manav.

Ipek Bensu Manav: Graduate Spotlight

Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey Degree Program: SM/PhD Who is your advisor/PI: Randolph Kirchain How did you first become interested in Civil and Environmental Engineering? Both of my parents are civil engineers. I grew up listening to stories […]

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