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Contact CEE

MIT CEE Headquarters

Room 1-290
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
Phone: 617.253.7101
Fax: 617.253.8978

Department Head

Professor Ali Jadbabaie

Assistant to the Department Head

Marygrace Aboudou – 617.324.6488

Graduate Admissions


Graduate Officer

Professor Heidi Nepf

Chair of Graduate Admissions

Professor Desirée Plata

Undergraduate Officer

Professor Saurabh Amin

Academic Programs Office

Room 1-290
Contact: Sarah Smith
Phone: 617.253.7119

Communications Office

Room 1-276
Contact: Stephanie Martinovich
Communications Officer
Phone: 617.258.0632

Department Headquarters

Room 1-290
Contact: Jarina Shrestha
Director of Administration and Finance
Phone: 617.324.7473

Give to CEE

Room 1-280
Contact: Kelli Augustine Development Officer
Phone: 617.452.3395

Human Resources

Room 1-282
Contact: Sarom Lay
HR Administrator
Phone: 617.253.1594

Communication Lab

Room- 1-251
Contact: Jared Berezin
Communication Lab Manager

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is spread across two buildings on the MIT campus, Building 1 and Building 48. The department headquarters is located in Room 1-290. Building 1 may be found by entering through the main entrance at 77 Mass. Ave., and turning right at your first opportunity and continuing straight through Building 5. At the end of the corridor you will enter Building 1.

Room numbers for CEE faculty and staff may be found under People. At MIT the first part of a room number indicates the building, the second is the room number.


Instructions for getting to the MIT campus can be found by clicking here.

Website Questions

Questions about the CEE website, including feedback or inaccuracies should be directed to Stephanie Martinovich at