Our Mission

Our core mission is to educate, inside and outside the classroom.  We offer undergraduate degree programs in the broad areas of infrastructure and environment.  Our graduate programs provide limitless possibilities at the frontier of knowledge and innovation.

We are defined by our singular strengths, collaborative synergies, and our commitment to excellence, the fabric of MIT.  We foster diversity of people, research and interests, and champion the careers of our students, research scholars, staff and faculty.

Our Vision

Grounded in science and engineering, we seek to understand the world, invent, and lead with creative design. Our students define the future.

The intellectual focus of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is discovery and innovation to sustain life and society in changing conditions. our department features two centers of gravity: Infrastructure (broadly, what is created by human activity), and the Environment (broadly, what exists as natural systems).

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to educating our students such that they are best equipped to serve the nation and the world as scholars, academic leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Our students are the agents who make an impact in the world as professional, academics, and innovators.

Our research and educational programs challenge the status quo, advance the frontiers of knowledge and expand the limit of the possible. We develop and apply pioneering approaches that range from basic scientific principles to complex engineering design, at scales from the nano to the global.