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Data Science for Engineering Systems MEng program

NEW Data Science for Engineering Systems (DSES) track

Within the Data Science for Engineering Systems (DSES) track of the Master of Engineering (MEng) degree program, students gain expertise in data science and computational modeling tools for improving the sustainability and resilience of next generation societal-scale infrastructure systems. Students pursue curriculum, research and specialized training that prepare them for careers in sustainable and resilient design of energy systems, materials and structures, supply chains, and urban systems.

The Data Science for Engineering Systems track of the MEng program has two focus areas of concentration for students to choose based on their interests: Computational Modeling and Design for Sustainability or Resilient Infrastructure Systems and Services.


Within the DSES track, students must take 48 units in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering including:


Project studio class combines work in the lab with MIT faculty and seminars conducted by industry partners. Students will also receive guidance on data acquisition, analysis and computational modeling tools.

1.275 Business and Operations Analytics

IDS.131 Statistics, Computation, Analytics

6.C51 Modeling with Machine Learning: from Algorithms to Applications + 1.C51 Machine Learning for Sustainable Systems (must be taken and completed simultaneously)

1.121 Advancing Mechanics and Materials via Machine Learning

1.125 Architecting and Engineering Software Systems

1.545 Atomistic Modeling and Simulation of Materials and Structures

1.579 Materials in Agriculture, Food Security, and Food Safety

1.61 Transport Processes in the Environment

1.65 Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows and Wind Energy

1.147 Startup Sustainable Tech

1.723 Computational Methods for Environmental Flows

1.631 Fluids and Diseases


1.208 Resilient Networks

1.260 Logistics Systems

1.303 Infrastructure Design for Climate Change

1.581 Structural Dynamics

1.583 Topology Optimization of Structures

1.200 Transportation: Foundations and Methods

1.202 Demand Modeling

1.266 Supply Chain and Demand Analytics

1.263 Urban Last-Mile Logistics