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Chiang C. Mei

Chiang C. Mei
  • Title Professor Emeritus
  • Email
  • Faculties Climate, Environment & Life Science
  • Address Room 1-380 77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA, 02139
  • Telephone  617.253.2994
  • Assistant Jeanette Marchocki /


  • B.S. 1955, National Taiwan University
  • M.S. 1958, Stanford University
  • Ph.D. 1963, California Inst. of Technology

Research Interests

  • Theoretical hydrodynamics
  • Ocean and coastal waves phenomena
  • Fluid-solid interaction
  • Poroelasticity
  • Seabed mechanics
  • Land subsidence, debris and mud flow
  • Mechanics of soil remediation

Selected Publications


  1. The Applied Dynamics of Ocean Surface Waves, Wiley-Interscience (1983), World Scientific (1989).
  2. Mathematical Analysis in Engineering , Cambridge University Press, (1994).
  3. Theory and Applications of Ocean Surface Waves: Part I, Linear Aspects; Part II, Nonlinear Aspects,(expanded edition of The Applied Dynamics of Ocean Surface Waves) , with Michael Stiassnie and Dick K. P. Yue. World Scientific (2005).

Chapters in Books:

  1. “Basic Gravity Wave Theory”, Chapter 2 in Handbook of Ocean Engineering,(John Herbich, ed.), Gulf Publishing Co., 1990.
  2. “Wave-Seabed Interactions” in The Sea – Ocean Engineering Science ,(B. LeMehaute and D. Hanes, eds), Wiley Interscience, 1990.
  3. “Longshore Bars and Bragg Resonance” with T. Hara and J.Yu Chap. 20 inGeomorphological Fluid Mechanics(N.J. Balmforth and A. Provenzale, eds.), Springer Verlag, 2001.
  4. “Mud Flow – Slow and Fast” with K.-F. Liu and M. Yuhi, Chap. 22 inGeomorphological Fluid Mechanics(N.J. Balmforth and A. Provenzale, eds.), Springer Verlag, 2001.

Papers in Refereed Journals: (*outgrowth of supervised theses)

  1. Mei, C.C. “Unsteady Incompressible Couette Flow in a Uniform Transvere Magnetic Field”, App. Sci. Res. , A9:275-284 (1960).
  2. Mei, C.C. & Wu, T. Y. “Gravity Waves Due to a Point Disturbance in aPlane Free Surface Flow of Stratified Fluids”, Physics of Fluids ,7(8):1117-1133 (1964).
  3. Mei, C.C. & LeMehaute, B. “Note on the Equations of Long Waves Over an Uneven Bottom”, J. Geophys. Res. , 71:393 (1966).
  4. Mei, C.C. “Nonlinear Gravity Waves in a Thin Sheet of Viscous Fluid”, J. Mathematics & Mechanics , 45(3):482-486 (1967)