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Harry F. Hemond

Harry F. Hemond


  • B.S., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • M.A., Connecticut College
  • Ph.D. 1977, MIT

Research Interests

  • Cycling of chemicals in the environment
  • Acid rain and hillslope hydrology
  • Wetland geochemistry
  • Environmental instrumentation

Awards and Honors

  • MIT Irwin Sizer Award (shared), 1991
  • CEE Departmental Service Award, 2003
  • CEE Departmental Appreciation Award, 2005
  • MIT Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2007
  • CEE Maseeh Graduate Teaching Award, 2010

Selected Publications

  1. Charuleka Varadharajan, Richard Hermosillo, and Harold F. Hemond. 2010. A low-cost automated trap to measure bubbling gas fluxes.  Oceanogr. Methods8:363-375 (2010) | DOI: 10.4319/lom.2010.8.363.
  2. Blute, N.K., J.A. Jay, C.H. Swartz, D.J. Brabander and H.F. Hemond. 2009. Aqueous and solid phase arsenic speciation in the sediments of a contaminated wetland and riverbed. Applied Geochemistry, 24(2): 346-358.
  3. Hemond, H., J. Cheung, A. Mueller, J. Wong, M. Hemond, D. Mueller and J. Eskesen. 2008. The NEREUS In-lake Wireless/Acoustic Chemical Data network. Limnology and Oceanography Methods 6:288-298.
  4. Senn, D. B. and H. F. Hemond, 2002. Nitrate Controls on Iron and Arsenic in an Urban Lake. Science296:2373-2375.
  5. Hemond, H.F. 1991. A backpack-portable mass spectrometer for measurement of volatile compounds in the environment.  Sci. Instrum.62_(6): 1420-1425.