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Oral Buyukozturk

Oral Buyukozturk
  • Title George Macomber Professor in Construction Management; Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Email
  • Faculties Sustainable Materials & Infrastructure
  • Address Room 1-281 77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA, 02139
  • Telephone 617.253.7186
  • Research Website


  • Ph.D., Cornell University
  • M.S., Cornell University
  • M.S.C.E., Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

Biosketch/Short CV (pdf)

Research Interests

Mechanics and design of structures, reinforced/prestressed concrete structures, nuclear containment systems, interface fracture mechanics, durable and sustainable cementitious materials, molecular dynamics and multi-scale analysis, earthquake engineering, fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites in structural rehabilitation, structural sensing and monitoring, nondestructive testing (NDT).

Teaching Interests

  • Mechanics and Design of Concrete Structures (1.541/1.054)
  • Structural Mechanics and Design (1.036)
  • Structural Mechanics in Nuclear Power Technology (1.56J)
  • Colossal Failures in Engineering (21W.781/ESD.032J)

Honors and Awards

  • George W. Housner Structural Control and Monitoring Medal, ASCE, 2018
  • Distinguished Service and Leadership Award, MIT CEE, 2018
  • Golden Mirko Ros Medal, EMPA Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, 2011
  • Fellow of Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland’s National Academy of Science and Letters, 2009
  • Fellow of American Concrete Institute (ACI), 1990

Selected Journal Publications

2015 – 2019

  • A. Gullu, E. Yuksel, C. Yalcin and O. Buyukozturk. A unique intensity measure based on seismic input energy and its validation. Earthquake Spectra2019; in review
  • E. Ghorbani, O. Buyukozturk and Y-J. Cha. Hybrid output-only structural system identification using random decrement and Kalman filter. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, in review.
  • R. Mohammadi-Ghazi, R.E. Welsch and O. Buyukozturk. Kernel dependence analysis and graph structure morphing for novelty detection with high-dimensional small size dataset. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing2019; in revision
  • K. Kupwade-Patil, A. Bumajdad, K.C. Littrell and O. Buyukozturk. In situ examination of engineered local additives in cement paste via neutron based scattering techniques. Construction and Building Materials, 2019; in revision.
  • A. Gullu, A. Yuksel, C. Yalcin and O. Buyukozturk. A new damping modification factor for seismic input energy. Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 2019; in revision.
  • J. Long and O. Buyukozturk. Learning collaborative duty cycling strategies in energy harvesting sensor networks. Computer Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, 2019; accepted and in press.
  • J. Long and O. Buyukozturk. A power optimised and re-programmable system for smart wireless vibration monitoring. Structural Control and Health Monitoring2019, e2468, DOI:10.1002/stc.2468.
  • K. Kupwade-Patil, P. Boul, D. Rasner, M. Everett, T. Proffen, K. Page, D. Ma, D. Olds, C. Thaemlitz, and O. Buyukozturk. Retarder effect on Hydrating Oil Well Cements investigated using in situ Neutron/X-ray Pair Distribution Function (PDF) Analysis. Cement and Concrete Research2019; 126: 105920-1-13.
  • M. Uzun, H. Sun, D. Smit, and O. Buyukozturk. Structural identification and damage detection using Bayesian inference and seismic interferometry. Structural Control and Health Monitoring2019; DOI:10.1002/stc.2445
  • R. Zhang, Z. Chen, S. Chen, J. Zheng, O. Buyukozturk, and H. Sun. Deep long short-term memory networks for nonlinear structurl seismic response prediction. Computers and Structures2019; 220: 55-68.
  • H. Sun, J. Al-Qazweeni, J. Parol, H. Kamal, Z. Chen and O. Buyukozturk. Computational modeling of a unique tower in Kuwait for structural health monitoring: numerical investigations. Structural Control & Health Monitoring2019; 26(3): e2317
  • K. Kupwade-Patil, A. Bumajdad, C. Brown, M. Tyagi, N. Butch, A. Jamsheer and O. Buyukozturk. New Insights into Water Dynamics of Portland Cement Paste with Nano-additives using Quasielastic Neutron Scattering. Journal of Material Science2019; 54(6): 4710-4718.
  • A. Gullu, Y. Ercan, C. Yalcin, A. Dindar, H. Ozkaynak and O. Buyukozturk. An improved input energy spectrum verified by the shake table tests. Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics2019; 48(1): 27-45.
  • T. Herring, C. Gu, M. Nafi Toksoz, J. Parol, A. Al-Enezi, F. Al-Jeri, J. Al-Qazweeni, H. Kamal and O. Buyukozturk. GPS Measured Response of a Tall Building due to a Distant Mw 7.3 earthquake. Seismological Research Letters 2018; 90(1), 149-159.
  • C. Gu, G.A. Prieto, A. Al-Enezi, F. Al-Jeri, J. Al-Qazweeni, H. Kamal, S. Kuleli, A. Mordret, O. Büyüköztürk, M.N. Toksöz. Ground Motion in Kuwait from Regional and Local Earthquakes: Potential Effects on Tall Buildings. Pure and Applied Geophysics 2018, accepted and in press. DOI: 10.1007/s00024-018-1943-5
  • J. G. Chen, Travis M. Adams, H. Sun, Erin S. Bell and O. Buyukozturk. Camera-based vibration measurement of the Portsmouth, NH WWI Memorial Bridge. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering2018; 144(11): 04018207.
  • S. D. Palkovic, K. Kupwade-Patil, S. Yip, O. Buyukozturk. Random field finite element models with cohesive-frictional interactions of a hardened cement paste microstructure. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 2018; 119: 349-368.
  • A. Jamsheer, K. Kupwade-Patil, A. Bumajdad, O. Buyukozturk. Analysis of Engineered Cement Paste using Silica Nanoparticles and Metakaolin using 29Si NMR, Water Adsorption and Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction. Construction and Building Materials 2018, 180(20): 698-709.
  • Kupwade-Patil, K., Chin, S., Johnston, M., Maragh, J., Masic, A., and Buyukozturk, O. Particle size Particle Size Effect of Volcanic Ash towards developing Engineered Portland Cements. ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering2018, 30(8): 04018190.
  • Mohammadi Ghazi R, Y. Marzouk, Büyüköztürk O. Conditional classifiers and boosted conditional Gaussian mixture model for novelty detection. Pattern Recognition 2018, 81: 601-614.
  • C. Schaefer, K. Kupwade-Patil, M. Ortega, C. Soriano, O. Buyukozturk, A. White, and M. Short. Irradiated Recycled Plastic as a Concrete Additive for Improved Chemo-mechanical Properties and Lower Carbon Footprint. Waste Management 2018; 71, 426-439.
  • K. Kupwade-Patil, C. De Wolf, S. Chin, J. Ochsendorf, A.E. Hajiah, A. Al-Mumin, and O. Büyüköztürk. Impact of Embodied Energy on materials/buildings with partial replacement of ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) by natural Pozzolanic Volcanic Ash. Journal of Cleaner Production 2018; 177: 547-554.
  • K. Kupwade-Patil, S. Chin, J. Illavsky, R.  Andrews, A.E. Bumajdad, AND O. Buyukozturk. Hydration kinetics and morphology of cement pastes with Pozzolanic Volcanic Ash studied via Synchrotron based Techniques, Journal of Material Science 2018; 53 (3), 1743-1757
  • K. Kupwade-Patil, S. Palkovic, A.E. Bumajdad, C. Soriano, and O. Buyukozturk. Use of Silica Fume and Natural Volcanic Ash as a replacement to Portland Cement: Micro and Pore structural Investigation using NMR, XRD, FTIR and X-ray Micro Tomography. Construction and Building Materials 2018; 158, 574-590
  • H. Sun and O. Buyukozturk. The MIT Green Building benchmark problem for structural health monitoring of tall buildings. Structural Control and Health Monitoring 2018, 25(3): e2115.
  • Y-J. Cha, S. Mahmoudkhani and O. Büyüköztürk. Autonomous Structural Visual Inspection Using Region-Based Deep Learning for Detecting Multiple Damage Types. Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering 2018; 33(9): 731-747.
  • S. D. Palkovic, S. Yip, O. Buyukozturk.A cohesive-frictional force field (CFFF) for colloidal calcium-silicate-hydrates. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 2017; 109: 160-177.
  • R. Masmoudi, K. Kupwade-Patil, A. Bumajdad, O. Buyukozturk.In situ Raman Studies on Cement Paste prepared with Natural Pozzolanic Volcanic Ash and Ordinary Portland CementConstruction and Building Materials 2017; 148:  444-454.
  • S. D. Palkovic, S. Yip, O. Buyukozturk.Constitutive response of calcium-silicate-hydrate layers under combined loading. Journal of the American Ceramic Society 2017; 100(2): 713-723.
  • A Zhou, O Buyukozturk, D Lau.Debonding of concrete-epoxy interface under the coupled effect of moisture and sustained load. Cement and Concrete Composites 80: 287-297.
  • N. Wadhwa, J. G. Chen, J. B. Sellon, D. Wei, M. Rubinstein, R. Ghaffari, D. M. Freeman, O. Buyukozturk, P. Wang, S. Sun, S. H. Kang, K. Bertoldi, F. Durand, and W. T. Freeman. A Motion Microscope for Visualizing and Quantifying Small Motions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America – PNAS 2017, 114(44): 11639-11644
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  • A. Mordret, H. Sun, G. A. Prieto, N. Toksoz and O. Buyukozturk. Continuous monitoring of high-rise buildings using seismic interferometry. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 2017; 107 (6), 2759-2773
  • J. G. Chen and O. Buyukozturk.A symmetry measure for detecting changes in mode shapes. Journal of Sound and Vibration 2017; 408: 123-137.
  • Z. Dzunic, J. G. Chen, H. Mobahi, O. Buyukozturk, J. W. Fisher.A Bayesian state-space approach for damage detection and classification. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 2017; 96: 239-259.
  • R. Mohammadi Ghazi, J. G. Chen and O. Buyukozturk.Pairwise graphical models for structural health monitoring with dense sensor arrays. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 2017; 93: 578-592.
  • Y-J. Cha, W. Choi and O. Buyukozturk.Deep learning-based crack damage detection using convolutional neural networks. Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering 2017; 32(5): 361-378.
  • J. Long and O. Buyukozturk.Decentralised One Class Kernel Classification Based Damage Detection and Localisation. Structural Control and Health Monitoring 2017; 24(6): e1930.
  • A. Davis, K.L. Bouman, J.G. Chen, M. Rubinstein, O. Buyukozturk, F. Durand and W.T. Freeman.Visual Vibrometry: Estimating Material Properties from Small Motions in Video. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machines Intelligence 2017; 39(4): 732-745.
  • Y-J. Cha, J. G. Chen and O. Buyukozturk.Output-only computer vision based damage detection using phase-based optical flow and unscented Kalman filters. Engineering Structures 2017; 132, 300-313.
  • H. Sun, A. Mordret, G. A. Prieto, N. Toksoz and O. Buyukozturk.Bayesian characterization of buildings using seismic interferometry on ambient vibrations. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 2017; 85: 468-486.
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  • S. Palkovic, D.B. Brommer, K. Kupwade-Patil, A. Masic, M. Buehler and O. Buyukozturk. Roadmap across the mesoscale for durable and sustainable cement paste – a bioinspired approach. Construction and Building Materials 2016; 115: 13-31.
  • K. Kupwade-Patil, M. Tyagi, C. Brown and O. Buyukozturk. Water dynamics in Cement Paste at Early Age prepared with Pozzolanic Volcanic Ash and Ordinary Portland Cement using Quasielastic Neutron Scattering. Cement and Concrete Research 2016; 86: 55-62.
  • K. Kupwade-Patil, A. F. Al-Aibani, M. F. Abdulsalam, C. Mao, A. Bumajdad, S. D. Palkovic and O. Buyukozturk. Microstructure of cement paste with natural pozzolanic volcanic ash and Portland cement at different stages of curing. Construction and Building Materials 2016; 113: 423-441.
  • N. Wadhwa, H.-Y. Wu, A. Davis, M. Rubinstein, E. Shih, G. J. Mysore, J. G. Chen, O. Buyukozturk, J. V. Guttag, W. T. Freeman and F. Durand. Eulerian video magnification and analysis. Communications of ACM 2016; 60(1): 87-95.
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  • R. Mohammadi Ghazi and O. Buyukozturk. Damage detection with small data set using energy-based nonlinear features. Structural Control and Health Monitoring 2016; 23(2): 333-348.
  • S. D. Palkovic, S. Moeini, S. Yip and O. Buyukozturk. Mechanical behavior of a composite interface: Calcium-silicate-hydrates. Journal of Applied Physics 2015; 118(3): 034305.
  • H. Sun and O. Buyukozturk. Optimal sensor placement in structural health monitoring using discrete optimization. Smart Materials and Structures 2015; 24(12): 125034.
  • H. Sun and O. Buyukozturk. Identification of traffic-induced nodal excitation of truss bridges through heterogeneous data fusion. Smart Materials and Structures 2015; 24(7): 075032.
  • Y-J. Cha and O. Buyukozturk. Structural Damage Detection Using Modal Strain Energy and Hybrid Multiobjective Optimization. Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering 2015; 30(5): 347-358.
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  • J. G. Chen, R. W. Haupt and O. Buyukozturk. Operational and Defect Parameters Concerning the Acoustic-Laser Vibrometry Method for FRP-reinforced Concrete. NDT&E International 2015; 71: 43-53.
  • A. A. Dindar, C. Yalcin, E. Yuksel, H. Ozkaynak and O. Buyukozturk. Development of Earthquake Energy Demand Spectra. Earthquake Spectra 2015; 31(3): 1667-1689.

Selected earlier publications

  • D. Lau, K. Broderick, M. J. Buehler and O. Buyukozturk. A robust nano-scale experimental quantification of fracture energy in a bi-layer material system. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America – PNAS 2014; 111(33): 11990-11995.
  • M. Celebi, N. Toksoz and O. Buyukozturk. Rocking behavior of an instrumented unique building on the MIT campus identified from ambient shaking data. Earthquake Spectra 2014; 30(2): 704-720.
  • Chen, J. G., Haupt, R. W., & Büyüköztürk, O. The Acoustic-laser Vibrometry Technique for the Noncontact Detection of Discontinuities in Fiber Reinforced Polymer-retrofitted Concrete. Materials Evaluation 2014; 72(10), 1295-1303.
  • O. Gunes, D. Lau, C. Tuakta and O. Buyukozturk. Ductility of FRP-concrete systems: Investigations at different length scales. Construction and Building Materials 2013; 49: 915-925.
  • D. Lau, O. Buyukozturk and M. J. Buehler. Characterization of the adhesive strength between epoxy and silica using a free energy approach. Journal of Materials Research 2012; 27(14): 1787-1796.
  • T. Emge and O. Buyukozturk. Remote Nondestructive Testing of Composite-steel Interface by Acoustic Laser Vibrometry. Materials Evaluation 2012; 70(12): 1401-1410.
  • C. Tuakta and O. Buyukozturk. Conceptual Model for Prediction of FRP/Concrete Bond Strength under Moisture Cycles. Journal of Composites for Construction 2011; 15 (5): 743-756.
  • O. Buyukozturk, M. J. Buehler, D. Lau and C. Tuakta. Structural Solution Using Molecular Dynamics: Fundamentals and a Case Study of Epoxy-Silica Interface. International Journal of Solids and Structures 2011; 48(14-15): 2131-2140.
  • C. Tuakta and O. Buyukozturk. Deterioration of FRP/concrete bond system under variable moisture conditions quantified by fracture mechanics. Composite Part B: Engineering 2011; 42(2): 145-154.
  • D. Lau and O. Buyukozturk. Fracture Characterization of Concrete/Epoxy Interface Affected by Moisture. Mechanics of Materials 2010; 42(12): 1031-1042
  • O. Büyüköztürk, O. Gunes and E. Karaca. Progress on understanding debonding problems in reinforced concrete and steel members strengthened using FRP composites. Construction and Building Materials2004; 18(1): 9-19.
  • H.C. Rhim and O. Büyüköztürk. Electromagnetic properties of concrete at microwave frequency range. Materials Journal 1998; 95(3): 262-271.
  • O. Büyüköztürk. Imaging of concrete structures. NDT & E International 1998; 31(4): 233-243.

For the full list please see Professor Buyukozturk’s Full CV