Project Description

Serguei Saavedra

Mitsui Chair Professor

Research Interests: sustainability of complex ecological networks


Telephone: 617.715.2597
Research Website:


  • Ph.D. Engineering Science, 2010, Oxford University

Research Interests

Professor Saavedra’s work focuses on the sustainability of ecological networks. He uses quantitative and computational tools combined with filed data to investigate the likelihood of persistence of interacting populations of different biological species under environmental change. He applies an interdisciplinary approach that spans the areas of network science, community ecology, and environmental engineering. His work has important applications for the monitoring and managing of natural and socioeconomic ecosystems.

Selected Publications

  1. Serguei Saavedra, Rudolf P. Rohr, Luis J. Gilarranz, Jordi Bascompte. “How structurally stable are global socioeconomic systems?” in  R. Soc. Interface11: 20140693 (2014)
  2. Rudolf P. Rohr, Serguei Saavedra, Jordi Bascompte. “On the structural stability of mutualistic systems,” in Science345: 1253497 (2014).
  3. Serguei Saavedra, Rudolf P. Rohr, Vasilis Dakos, Jordi Bascompte. “Estimating the tolerance of species to the effects of global environmental change,” inNature Comm. 4: art. num. 2350 (2013).
  4. Serguei Saavedra, Daniel B. Stouffer. “Disentangling nestedness disentangled,” in Nature500: E1-E2 (2013).
  5. Serguei Saavedra, Daniel B. Stouffer, Brian Uzzi , Jordi Bascompte. “Strong contributors to network persistence are the most vulnerable to extinction,” in Nature478: 233-235 (2011).
  6. Serguei Saavedra, Felix Reed-Tsochas, Brian Uzzi. “A simple model of bipartite cooperation for ecological and organizational networks,” in Nature457: 463-466 (2008).
  7. Serguei Saavedra, Felix Reed-Tsochas, Brian Uzzi. “Asymmetric disassembly and robustness in declining networks,” in  Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105: 16466-16471 (2008).