CEE Postdoctoral Committee:

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has established a committee of CEE
faculty members and staff dedicated to the career growth of CEE postdoctoral scholars. The
charge of the committee is to understand and address the professional and career development
needs of the postdoctoral researchers, identify and improve methods for their mentoring while at
MIT, provide them with opportunities to contribute to the department’s educational programs,
and to enhance their MIT and CEE experience.

Members of the committee are:

  • Professor Otto Cordero
  • Professor Penny Chisholm
  • Professor Admir Masic
  • Professor John Williams (chair)
  • Bori Stoyanova (staff)

Examples of activities organized by CEE postdoc committee are:

  • Postdoc teaching fellowships
  • Workshops and career events (i.e. job panels, resume reviews, mock interviews, etc.)
  • Social events (i.e. networking dinners with faculty, beer and wine tasting with trivia,
    bowling, etc.)

Video Channel ONE

Video Channel ONE was established to highlight the research of CEE postdocs and to allow
them to see how they present in public or in front of the camera. The postdocs also use the
video channel to share their research with each other and potential employers.