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Registration Process

All students must meet with their academic advisors to discuss term subject selection. Many of these meetings may occur on Registration Day, however, students and academic advisors can begin using the online registration system when it opens one week prior to Registration Day. Students are strongly encouraged to submit registration forms before classes begin to ensure accurate class enrollments. The deadline to register without penalty is the Friday of registration week.

At their meeting, students and academic advisors should confer on subject enrollment for the term. Once the academic advisor approves the subject selections, the student is responsible for completing the registration process and submitting the digital form.

If a student is on registration hold, both the student and academic advisor can make changes to subject selections online and the advisor can submit his/her approval. However, a student cannot complete the registration process until arrangements are made to clear the registration hold.

The student must acknowledge terms and conditions before submitting his/her registration. By acknowledging these terms the student agrees to pay all charges on his/her student account when due and acknowledges that MIT may assess late charges or finance charges, suspend registration, withhold a degree, and charge collection costs if all charges are not paid.

Once the academic advisor has approved the registration selections, all subsequent changes to the student’s program require Add/Drop/Change forms approved by the advisor.

For complete registration instructions, please refer to the Registrar’s website.

Checking Status of Registration

Students are responsible for reviewing their registration carefully and for promptly correcting any discrepancies by contacting the Registrar’s Office.

Students who make changes to their registration during the term, should recheck it on WebSIS to confirm accuracy.