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Dissecting microscale ‘phycospheres’ in the ocean

In the ocean, the microenvironment surrounding phytoplankton cells is rich in dissolved organic matter, and bacteria competing for this matter are advantageous if they can perform chemotaxis, the sensing and movement toward a chemical source. Postdocs […]

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Real-time epidemiology from urban wastewater

Kuwait-MIT Center for Natural Resources and the Environment  MIT and Kuwait researchers have been awarded $4 million to fund Underworlds, a study of real-time epidemiology using biomarkers in urban sewage. A team of MIT researchers, together […]

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Spinning a new version of spider silk

A team of researchers led by CEE Department Head Markus Buehler has succeeded in producing samples of spider silk, an exceptionally strong and resilient material, in the laboratory. The new synthetic fibers’ proteins were created by genetically modifying bacteria […]

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