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Bone-inspired Materials by Design

MIT engineers in collaboration with colleagues from Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy are achieving functional diversity in materials by combining a few pure components as building blocks to create diverse structures. The researchers selected bone to […]

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Carolina Osorio Wins EmTech TR35 Award

CEE Professor Carolina Osorio Pizano won the MIT Technology Review EmTech Colombia TR35. This annual award is given to young innovators less than 35 years old for work that promises to revolutionize the world of technology and business […]

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Three Additions to CEE Spring Awards

Every spring, CEE bestows a selection of awards to its students, faculty and staff. This year, three new awards will be added to the mix: the Juan Hermosilla ’57 Prize to recognize talent and potential at […]

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CEE Awards Nominations

Each spring, CEE presents a number of awards to undergrads, grads, faculty and staff. This year three new awards will be added: the Juan Hermosilla ’57 Prize for exceptional talent at the intersection of mechanics, materials, […]

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