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Roland Pellenq

Pellenq and Ulm Design Climate-Friendly Concrete

Professor Franz J. Ulm, Senior Research Scientist Roland Pellenq and MIT Energy Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow Katerina Ioannidou aim to make concrete more sustainable, stronger, durable, and climate-friendly. Recently, the research team identified the nanoscale forces that […]

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Riddle of cement’s structure is finally solved

MIT News Findings may guide development of formulas to make the material more durable, less CO2-intensive. Concrete is the world’s most widely used construction material, so abundant that its production is one of the leading sources […]

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Structure of kerogen revealed

In a recent study published in the journal Nature Materials by a team of researchers including Professor Franz-Josef Ulm, postdoc Colin Bousige, and Research Scientist Roland J.-M. Pellenq have revealed kerogen’s internal structure, in detail down to the atomic level. The findings reveal important […]

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Marseille Winterschool on multiscale porous materials

The 2016 Marseille Winterschool, a one-week training for graduate students and postdocs during IAP and organized by Professors Franz-Josef Ulm and John Williams, and Senior Research Scientist Roland Pellenq, is now accepting nominations for graduate student […]

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