Undergraduate Opportunities

Course 1 students have a number of different opportunities to engage with the community and expand their educational horizons.


Traveling Research Environmental Experiences (TREX) is a three-credit field research course offered during Independent Activities Period by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering to students majoring in Civil or Environmental Engineering. TREX (Course 1.091) provides CEE undergraduates with the opportunity to gain hands-on fieldwork and research experience in a global context. Past expeditions have generated enormous enthusiasm for learning about earth systems and determining how these systems can be managed in a sustainable way.


A summer fieldwork program on materials in art, archeology and architecture (ONE-MA3) that gives undergraduate students an unforgettable hands-on research experience in Italy. While in Italy, students are immersed in an in-depth, real-world analysis of ancient infrastructures and materials as a prerequisite for a fall subject, 1.057 Heritage Science and Technology. The subject extends the summer experience into a discussion of theory and practice. Any MIT undergraduate interested in this summer research trip and fall subject should fill out the application found here.


Civil and Environmental Engineering has a global reach, from malaria prevention in Niger to water treatment in Nepal to transportation in Boston and Bangkok. Our students learn firsthand by working onsite in summer internships and during school breaks. Student projects, internships and Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) projects complement faculty research and provide context for classroom studies. For freshmen and seniors, the department provides funding to support UROPs with faculty in the department. In addition, CEE is active participants in the School of Engineering’s SuperUROP program and we plan to expand the opportunities in future years.

If interested in a UROP, please contact the Academic Programs Office (APO) at cee-apo@mit.edu or contact the faculty member you are interested in conducting a UROP with directly.


Our mini-UROP program takes place over IAP and is designed to offer freshmen a taste of our department. Students will work with either a grad student or postdoc on a project, and if the interest and opportunity is there, the mini could turn into a full term UROP in the Spring.

Discover Course 1 (DC1) FPOP Program for Freshmen

An Unforgettable Week with Course 1 students and faculty! Participate in Discover Course 1 and make your first week at MIT one you’ll be sure to never forget. Through site visits and hands on projects, you’ll learn more about the diversity of study in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, meet faculty and students, as well as discover some of the exciting opportunities engineers have at MIT – especially in Course 1. We aim to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges – clean water and air, benign- by-design, sustainable energy, future cities, and how to design creative solutions to complex engineering problems that make the world a better place.