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Civil and Environmental Engineering has a global reach, from malaria prevention in Niger to water treatment in Nepal to transportation in Boston and Bangkok. Our students learn firsthand by working onsite in summer internships and during school breaks. Student projects, internships and Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) projects complement faculty research and provide context for classroom studies. For freshmen and seniors, the department provides funding to support UROPs with faculty in the department. In addition, CEE is active participants in the School of Engineering’s SuperUROP program and we plan to expand the opportunities in future years.

If interested in a UROP, please contact the Academic Programs Office (APO) at or contact the faculty member you are interested in conducting a UROP with directly.

Previous UROP testimonies

“Through the UROP program, I have learned to recognize accomplishment as well as deal with problems when they arise; both are realities in scientific research. Biology requires immaculate care and attention to detail. I have learned how to extract and sequence DNA, run PCRs, prepare gel electrophoresis, interpret electron microscopy and flow cytometry, and, of course, pipet.”

– Max Kessler ’20, studied following the fate of bacteria in the microbial loop with the Polz Lab

“What I specifically liked was being able to learn about a very specialized area of research, that I was unlikely to learn about anywhere else”

– Rayna Higuchi ’20, UROP with Professor Oral Buyukozturk on increasing the strength and durability of concrete, through the use of agricultural waste and nanoadditives.

“I am really grateful for this opportunity because I was able to go in with almost no research and lab experience and be treated like a full collaborator on this project. I learned a bit of coding, how to function in a professional environment, and was able to continue to build a valuable skill set for the future.”

– Zoe Lallas ’20, UROP with Professor Caitlin Mueller focusing on Mars City design

View a full list of previous UROPs in the CEE department here.


Our mini-UROP program takes place over IAP and is designed to offer freshmen a taste of the research conducted in CEE. Students will work closely with either a grad student or postdoc on a research project and have an in-depth experience in the lab over three weeks. At the end of the three weeks, mini-UROP participants present their research in “lightning” presentations to an audience of their peers and CEE community members. Many mini-UROPs have the opportunity to develop into full term UROPs in the spring. Projects range from designing a city on Mars to creating durable, eco-friendly concrete using recycled materials.