Well-Being, Diversity and Inclusion

At MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering we are dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse community. We appreciate and welcome a community that comes from various backgrounds and holds diverse opinions. Please see below for a statement from our faculty members on well-being, diversity and inclusion.

MIT CEE Faculty Statement on Well-Being, Diversity and Inclusion

  • CEE is a community of people united in our pursuit of intellectual, creative, and technical excellence, to make a better world. We care about the mental and physical health of our students, faculty and staff of any age and background as a human priority before the nature or progress of their work
  • We value diversity in and inclusion of our students, post-docs, faculty and staff and appreciate their backgrounds and opinions. We believe that diversity in its many dimensions is critical for our Department to achieve its mission in education, research, and to best serve the nation and the world
  • We pledge to better approach the goals stated in MIT’s 2004 pledge to increase diversity, as well as the recommendations of the 2010 report on Faculty and Diversity
  • We remain committed to MIT’s goals of increasing the percentage of faculty, postdocs and students from under-represented groups, and seek to accomplish progress in diversification of our Department and the Civil and Environmental Engineering field more broadly

For more on well-being, diversity, and inclusion at MIT see the Institute Community and Equity Office (ICEO).

CEE Diversity, Equity and Inclusions Research Talk and Lunch Series

CEE introduces monthly seminar series to foster diversity, equity and inclusion. Speakers from diverse backgrounds who are highly successful in their careers will share their journey to achieve success and their research. The goal of this initiative is to start a dialogue around the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion, address the relative lack of representation of certain groups and present examples of those who were able to overcome unique challenges. Speakers will present a two-part seminar: one part of the seminar will be an overview of their research and the other will focus on how they navigated through various challenges associated with diversity, equity and inclusion in their careers.

The next CEE Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lunch and Learn is scheduled for Feb 26, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm in 1-131. Please RSVP by February 23 here.  Our next seminar speaker is Dr. Alade Ahmed Tiamiyu, MSc, PhD, EIT,  a postdoc with minority background from MIT’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering.  The speaker will take the conversation to a personal level and plans to discuss his research work and challenges and successes as a scholar.  His abstract is attached to provide a preview of the discussions.