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CEE Chief Editor

This photo shows examples of Spartina alterniflora in China.

How marsh grass protects shorelines

As climate change brings greater threats to coastal ecosystems, new research can help planners leverage the wave-damping benefits of marsh plants. Marsh plants, which are ubiquitous along the world’s shorelines, can play a major role in […]

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Interning with LeMessurier

This past summer I had the opportunity to intern with structural engineering firm, LeMessurier Consultants, at their Boston office location. Having completed my junior year in the CEE Mechanics and Materials track, I had taken a […]

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Michael Howland: Faculty Spotlight

Meet Assistant Professor Michael Howland who joined the CEE community in September of 2021. This fall, he will teach the graduate-level 1.65 Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows and Wind Energy. The class introduces the flow physics in […]

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Consider the spiderweb

After nearly a decade, an interdisciplinary collaboration to model a 3D spider web leads to many surprising results The spiderweb is an everyday architecture — non-monumental and easily overlooked. Yet artists and scientists are working to […]

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Engineering seeds to resist drought

A new seed-coating process could facilitate agriculture on marginal arid lands by enabling the seeds to retain any available water. As the world continues to warm, many arid regions that already have marginal conditions for agriculture […]

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Student plays saxophone in lab

A new ocean soundscape

MIT-WHOI Joint Program student turns ocean data into tunes When you think of the sounds of the ocean, you might think of waves pounding on the shore or the call of a humpback whale. But can […]

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