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Tami Lieberman

Tami Lieberman

Herman L.F. Von Helmholtz Career Development Professor
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor, Institute for Medical Engineering and Science

Research Interests: evolutionary microbiology; computational and systems biology; public health


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  • BA, Biological Sciences, Northwestern University, 2009
  • PhD, Systems Biology, Harvard University, 2014

Research Interests

Professor Lieberman studies microbial evolution in real time, including the evolution of antibiotic resistance and evolution during infection. Her lab is interested in understanding the molecular determinants of colonization success in complex environments and enabling the precise manipulations of microbiomes in the clinic and the environment.

Selected Publications

  1. Lieberman, T. D., Wilson, D., Misra, R., Xiong, L. L., Moodley, P., Cohen, T., & Kishony, R. (2016). Genomic diversity in autopsy samples reveals within-host dissemination of HIV-associated M. tuberculosis. Nature Medicine, 22(12), 1470.
  2. Baym, M., Lieberman, T. D., Kelsic, E. D., Chait, R., Gross, R., Yelin, I., & Kishony, R. (2016). Spatiotemporal microbial evolution on antibiotic landscapes. Science, 353(6304), 1147–1151.
  3. Lieberman, T. D., Flett, K. B., Yelin, I., Martin, T. R., McAdam, A. J., Priebe, G. P., & Kishony, R. (2014). Genetic variation of a bacterial pathogen within individuals with cystic fibrosis provides a record of selective pressures. Nature Genetics, 46(1), 82–87.
  4. Kim, S., Lieberman, T. D., & Kishony, R. (2014). Alternating antibiotic treatments constrain evolutionary paths to multidrug resistance. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111(40), 14494–14499.
  5. Lieberman, T. D., Michel, J.-B., Aingaran, M., Potter-Bynoe, G., Roux, D., Davis, M. R., Jr, Skurnik, D., Leiby, N., LiPuma, J. J., & Goldberg, J. B. (2011). Parallel bacterial evolution within multiple patients identifies candidate pathogenicity genes. Nature Genetics, 43(12), 1275–1280.

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