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TREX Day 3 – Plant Life

By Rayna Higuchi ’20 Today was a pants kind of day. Our group started off adventuring into the woods behind the house to take something called a transect. Professor Dave Des Marais walked 50 feet straight […]

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IAP 2018: Highlights of my Externship

By Amy Vogel ‘20 This past month has been absolutely amazing. Last Friday was the last day of my externship at Terreform, so I thought I would highlight my top five experiences at the externship. 5) […]

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IAP 2018: Failing Safely

By Amy Vogel ‘20 The less glamorous, but equally important, measure of an energy system is what happens when it fails. The Blackout of 1965 was the first time that the entirety of the Con Ed […]

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IAP 2017: Adventures of CEE Students

[fusion_text]What’s it like to be a student in Course 1 at MIT? Two CEE third years, Alexa Jaeger and Rachel Galowich, took over the MIT Students Instagram account from January 29 to February 4, the last […]

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