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MIT School of Engineering

A Day in the Life of a CEE Graduate Student

Pigments, Mortars and CEE Scarves: A Day in my Life By Graduate Student, Linda Seymour Studying antiqua-inspired materials in Israel Hello, I’m Linda, a third year PhD student in Esther & Harold E. Edgerton Career Development […]

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ONE-MA3 Project: Plastics + Concrete

By Magreth D’Kakoko After spending 3 weeks in Italy this summer, learning about ancient materials, arts and archeology, we proceeded to take the 1.057 class during the fall semester. Based on what we had learnt, seen […]

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ONE-MA3 Project: Materials of the Pyramids

By Samantha D’Alonzo Thanksgiving is a time of giving, graciousness, family, and of course, the never-ending rounds of impersonal, unbelievably tricky to navigate questions from distant relatives: “How’s school?”, “What are you studying?”, and my personal […]

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CEE faculty share innovative research projects with alumni

On October 18, Breene M. Kerr Professor Elfatih Eltahir, Professor John Williams, and Associate Professor Caitlin Mueller shared updates on their innovative research projects. Topics covered ranged from machine learning and blockchain to regional impacts of […]

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