Our researchers have a wide variety of research interests and help advance our department and the world in many ways. From transportation to water quality, the spectrum of interests our researchers have is vast.

Eric Adams


Senior Lecturer, Senior Research Engineer
Room 48-216B | 617.253.6595 |

Research Interests: environmental fluid mechanics and water quality

John Attanucci

Research Associate
Room 1-274 | 617.253.7022 |

Research Interests: transportation systems

Paul Berube

Research Associate
Room 48-106 | 617.253.1857 |

Steven Biller

Research Scientist
Room 48-106 | 617.253.1857 |

David Castiñeira

Research Associate
Room 5-334 | 617.253.7022 |

Sara Collins

Bioinformatics Specialist
Room 48-209 | 802.238.3794 |

Eben Cross

Research Scientist
Room 48-305 | 781.801.4483 |

Jason Gordon

Research Specialist
Room 48-424 | 617.877.8705 |

Jeremy Gregory

Executive Director, Concrete Sustainability Hub Research Scientist
Room 1-276 | 617.324.5639 |

Research Interests: sustainable material systems

Harilaos Koutsopoulos

Research Associate
Professor of Transport Science, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm
Research Interests: intelligent transportation systems

Kunal Kupwade-Patil

Research Scientist
Research Interests: Nano-Engineered Cementitious Materials, Durability of Infrastructure Materials,
Nano and Micro characterization of cementitious binders, Green Concrete Technology

John MacFarlane

Research Engineer
Research Interests: water quality

Francisco Martin-Martinez

Research Scientist
Room 1-174 | 617.324.1706 |

Asuncion Martinez

Research Scientist
Research Interests: environmental microbiology

Roland J.-M. Pellenq

Senior Research Scientist
Research Interests: thermodynamics and mechanics of materials, atomistic simulation

Frederick Salvucci

Senior Lecturer
Research Interests: transportation systems

Abel Sanchez

Research Scientist
Research Interests: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Information Engineering, and Engineering Complex Systems

Earle Williams

Principal Research Engineer
Research Interests: meteorology