Abroad in Israel: Settling in and learning the ropes

By Amy Vogel ’20 I have been in Israel now for about 3 weeks, and loving every minute of it. After I got off the plane, I got to spend a few nice days with my family in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem before heading up to Haifa. We celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim together, [...]

A Semester in Hong Kong

Hi! My name is Grace. I’m a junior studying civil engineering and this past fall I studied abroad in Hong Kong at the University of Hong Kong. It was one of the most exciting places I’ve ever experienced! Some differences that I noticed in particular were classes, cuisine, culture. Three C’s! My classes at HKU [...]

MIT-Imperial Exchange: Connecting experimental and theoretical research

By Milani Chatterji-Len Over the past eight weeks, I have had the amazing opportunity to work at Imperial College of London in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. As the program comes to a close, I am working to wrap up my project on flood forecasting using water level sensors. I am lucky to [...]

MIT-Imperial Exchange: An immersive academic and cultural experience

By Milani Chatterji-Len This summer, I am participating in the MIT-Imperial Exchange, in which I am conducting research in the Environmental and Water Resource Engineering section of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. There is a diverse array of exciting ongoing projects in this section of the university; researchers are looking into everything from urban [...]

Summer in Santiago: Collaborating on Urban Mobility

By Christine Langston During my first week and my fourth week here in Santiago, I attended two ‘talleres,’ or workshops, put on by the Chilean Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication (MTT, not to be confused with MIT) and a consulting firm. These workshops brought about 30 transportation industry professionals together to discuss ways we could [...]

MIT-Imperial Exchange: Exploring the city through field research

By Milani Chatterji-Len As a rising third-year on the systems track, I am thrilled to be working in London on hydraulic modeling. My project is geared toward improving flood prediction in less developed countries in the Himalayan region. I work with a diverse team of civil, mechanical, and earth science engineers, all of whom have [...]

MIT-Imperial Exchange: Points, Colors, and Math

By Abby Harvey This year, my summer revolves around points, colors, and math. In the morning, I take the train from point A to B on the red line, and each night before bed, I calculate the extra few minutes of sleep I can afford to eke out before being late to work. At work, [...]

Japan Adventures: Structures

By Eric Wong The Japanese aesthetic is unmistakable: minimalistic, functional, and balanced. And the ambience it creates equally distinct: calm, peaceful, and soothing. The parts of Kyoto built in the new millennium represent a nod to styles of the past with a modern flair. The ancient Kyoto lives on today as it did in its [...]

MIT-Imperial Exchange: Living and working in London

By Milani Chatterji-Len This summer I am working in a research lab at Imperial College of London through the MIT-Imperial Exchange. The program, which strengthens the relationship between Imperial and MIT, sends students from across many departments at MIT to Imperial, and vice versa, every summer. The other 17 MIT students and I are part [...]

Japan Adventures: Transportation

By Eric Wong In my two months in Japan, the one aspect of Japanese culture that seems to permeate into everything is the pursuit of perfection. Life in Japan, as seen in transportation, is inseparable from the influence of that goal. Growing up in New York City and relying on the MTA to get back [...]