Mohamad Sindi ’19 PhD awarded MIT Shoji Award for Innovation

Mohamad Sindi CEE alumnus Mohamad Sindi was recently honored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for his PhD work. He was awarded the MIT Shoji Award for Innovation for his thesis addressing the issue of fault-tolerance for large-scale High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads. The award was presented on Oct 22 by Dr. Mikio Shoji, a [...]

Professor John R. Williams, Mohamad Sindi, PhD ‘19 win IEEE Innovative Paper Award

Professor John R. Williams and PhD  alumnus Mohamad Sindi recently won the IEEE Innovative Paper Award for their paper titled "Using Container Migration for HPC Workloads Resilience". The award was presented during the IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference (HPEC'19) on September 25 in Waltham, MA. The paper was competing against numerous submissions from some [...]

MISTI Chile: “Dos chicas solas en las montañas, Guau”

By Shannon Wing '22 I woke up on Saturday morning at 9am to a text from a friend, “I am heading off to hike Cerro Provincia. I am assuming you and Lulu aren’t going to make it since you were up late last night, but just in case, I have my three person tent and [...]

MISTI Bikepacks the Atacama

By Shannon Wing '22 When hearing about the Atacama Desert from my coworkers, I immediately knew that it was where I wanted to go for my one long weekend of the summer. Not until a few weeks after booking my flights did I have the idea to bikepack through the Atacama since it’s flat, there [...]

ONE-MA3: Atlantis and Gotham in One Roman City

By Marcin Hajduczek '22 Standing in the middle of the city, I could barely open my eyes against the sun reflecting off of endless slabs of marble. The piazza I stood in was the size of a soccer field, its green turf replaced by polished white stone. Intricately carved columns lined the edges, stacked one [...]

Flying Drones in the Construction Industry

Zachary Roberts '21 Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)—also known as drones—are disrupting the construction industry. They provide a cheap alternative for aerial surveying and surveillance, which has attracted the interest of many contractors and sent them in a rush to get their employees FAA certified, with the Part 107 exam. This blog post intends to serve [...]

ONE-MA3 – Day XXI: Art Restoration and Artificial Pigments in Aramengo

By Sophia Mittman '22 After spending three days in Turin, we traveled a short ways away to the nearby village of Aramengo, which has a population of about 500 (comparable to the occupancy of the Maseeh dorm back at MIT). Set among rolling hills of greenery, this town is known for being fact, in [...]

ONE-MA3: Day XXIV: A Grand Gypsum-Filled Finale

By Sophia Mittman '22 Even though the bittersweet end of the ONE-MA^3 program has been rapidly approaching, our pace of completing research has kept at a quick clip, if not even faster than it has been in the previous three weeks! We spent no time this last day dilly-dallying. Instead, we got to discover more [...]

ONE-MA3 – Day XIII: Roman Roads, Ruins, and Relaxation

By Sophia Mittman '22 Overall, our trip in Terracina is a short one. Today was the only full day we’ll have spent here, but it was jam-packed full of exciting archeological field work. In our four groups of four, we divided and conquered the day’s projects, including taking infra-red pictures of restored mosaics in search [...]

ONE-MA3: Analyzing Ancient Aqueducts

By Rovi Porter '22 The central focus of the day was learning about Aqueducts (a structure that the Romans built to transport water by using gravity). Yesterday at the American Academy in Rome, we had a preview of an aqueduct when we climbed down into one underneath the classroom. With that introduction, we were primed [...]