Looking beyond luxury: MIT researchers eye silk as a powerful tool in the fight against climate change and global food sustainability

According to the United Nations, the world has seen a rapid, seven-fold increase to the global population, leading to an important question in our quest to address human impact on climate change: how can we continue to feed everyone without devastating our natural resources? In the United States alone, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates [...]

Projecting climate change impact on malaria transmission in Africa

For Elfatih Eltahir, malaria symptoms always began the same way: chills that eventually gave way to high fever, a pounding headache, and nausea that persisted until this cycle finally broke days later. First encountered at a young age and again throughout his college years, Eltahir, now a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT, [...]

The New (Ab)Normal, by Professor Yossi Sheffi, details how businesses and supply chains may be changed forever in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

When COVID-19 hit, it threatened the way of life much of society had become used to and challenged countries, governments and businesses to respond with ingenuity and technology. In his new book, The New (AB)Normal, MIT Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Yossi Sheffi provides an inside look at the ways in which business, supply [...]

Interning in the midst of COVID-19: CEE undergrad shares her experience

  Rovi Porter is a Junior in MIT's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. With all the craziness of Covid-19, being sent home, and constantly trying to soak in all the new information, my summer internship was not my top priority. Being a course 1 environmental engineering student, I wanted to use summer 2020 to [...]

CEE Student Runs Marathon for Black Lives Matter Movement

  Luke Bastian is a senior in MIT's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  Hey y’all, my name is Luke and I am going to be a senior this year in the Mechanics and Materials track of Course 1! As I’m sure it has been for nearly everyone on the planet, these past few months [...]

PhD Candidate, Alexandre Tuel, Tracks Drying Trends in the Mediterranean Basin

  From his earliest days growing up in France, Alexandre Tuel PhD ’20, has had an interest in weather and the natural world. “In France I was very interested in hard sciences: maths, physics, and earth sciences. I’ve always enjoyed weather and things like that.” Says Tuel. It was his ongoing passion for the environment [...]

Mohamad Sindi ’19 PhD awarded MIT Shoji Award for Innovation

Mohamad Sindi CEE alumnus Mohamad Sindi was recently honored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for his PhD work. He was awarded the MIT Shoji Award for Innovation for his thesis addressing the issue of fault-tolerance for large-scale High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads. The award was presented on Oct 22 by Dr. Mikio Shoji, a [...]

Professor John R. Williams, Mohamad Sindi, PhD ‘19 win IEEE Innovative Paper Award

Professor John R. Williams and PhD  alumnus Mohamad Sindi recently won the IEEE Innovative Paper Award for their paper titled "Using Container Migration for HPC Workloads Resilience". The award was presented during the IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference (HPEC'19) on September 25 in Waltham, MA. The paper was competing against numerous submissions from some [...]

MISTI Chile: “Dos chicas solas en las montañas, Guau”

By Shannon Wing '22 I woke up on Saturday morning at 9am to a text from a friend, “I am heading off to hike Cerro Provincia. I am assuming you and Lulu aren’t going to make it since you were up late last night, but just in case, I have my three person tent and [...]

MISTI Bikepacks the Atacama

By Shannon Wing '22 When hearing about the Atacama Desert from my coworkers, I immediately knew that it was where I wanted to go for my one long weekend of the summer. Not until a few weeks after booking my flights did I have the idea to bikepack through the Atacama since it’s flat, there [...]