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2016 News in Brief



Frank Perkins, professor emeritus, dies at 82

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PHOTO: Frank E. PerkinsFrank E. Perkins, professor emeritus of CEE, former CEE department head, associate provost and dean for graduate education at MIT, died March 5 at age 82 following a long struggle with Parkinson’s disease. The major portion of Perkins’ career was spent at MIT, where he was appointed to the faculty in 1966. He subsequently served as head of CEE; associate provost; and, for 12 years, as dean for graduate education. His principal research and teaching interests were in the areas of hydraulics, hydrology, and water resource analysis, with special emphasis on the development of computer models. He also conducted research on water resources development in several South American countries, and on issues of dam safety in the United States. Read more about Prof. Perkins here.